Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

pxsPegs Image
pyxelPyxel Edit Document
pz3Poser Scene
pzzPoser Compressed Scene
q0Q0 Bitmap Image
q4NEC PC-98 XLD4 Image
qdvRandom Dot QDV Bitmap
qgfQPS QINSy Graphics Data
qmgSamsung Phone Theme Graphics
qpcKaleidaGraph Plot
qpctKaleidaGraph Plot
qs4Sinclair QL Hires Screen
qs8Sinclair QL 8 Colors Screen
qtiQuickTime Image
qtifQuickTime Image
qtkApple QuickTake Picture
qtlAbekas YUV Image
r3dREDCODE RAW Video Image
rafFujifilm Raw Image
ragAtari Falcon RAG-D Image
rapAtari 8-bit Vidig Paint Image
rasSun Raster Image
rastSun Raster Image
ratHoudini 3D Random Access Texture Map
rawBIAS Fringe Processor Image
rawAtari 8-bit XL-Paint MAX Image
rawZX81 ZXPaintyONE v2.0 Bitmap
rawRaw Image Data
rawrawRaw Image Data
rawwPhotron FASTCAM RAW Image Frame
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