Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

pictQuickDraw Pict Image
pictCommodore 128 Basic 8 Image
pict2QuickDraw Pict Image
pictclippingPicture Clipping
pii36-Image Converter Inet Image
pixAtari Falcon PixArt Image
pixBlazing Render Image
pixAlias Wavefront Picture
pixadexPixadex Icon
pixarPixar Image
pjgPackJPG Compressed JPEG Image
pjpProgressive JPEG Image
pjpeProgressive JPEG Image
pjpegProgressive JPEG Image
pjpgProgressive JPEG Image
pl5MSX2 GL5 Bitmap
pl5MSX2 Graph Saurus PL5 Image
pl6MSX2 GL6 Bitmap
pl7MSX2 GL7 Bitmap
pl7Graph Saurus Bitmap Image
plaAtariTools-800 Player Data
plaMSX2+ GLA Image
pldPhotoLine Image
plsAtari 8-bit SFDN Compressed Plama 256 Image
pmPM Bitmap Image
pmePixela Digital Picture
pmgPaint Magic Bitmap
pmgAtari 8-bit PMG Designer Image
pncPanasonic Network Camera Compressed Image
pngPortable Network Graphics Image
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