Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

pgcPortfolio Graphics Compressed Bitmap
pgfPortfolio Graphics Bitmap
pglHP Graphic Language Document
pgmPortable Graymap Image
pgmbBinary Portable Graymap Image
pgrAtari 8-bit PowerGraphics Image
phpCallisto PhotoParade Slideshow
piBlazing Paddles Bitmap
piFM Towns Bitmap Image
pi1Atari Degas Low Resolution Image
pi2Atari Degas Medium Resolution Image
pi3Atari Degas High Resolution Image
pi4Atari Falcon FPaint Image
pi4Atari Degas TT Raster Image
pi5Atari Degas TT Raster Image
pi6Atari Degas TT Raster Image
pi7Atari Falcon FPaint Image
pi9Atari Falcon FPaint Image
picAtari Stad Compressed Bitmap
picPixar Image
picFM Towns Bitmap Image
picElectronika BK Bitmap Image
picHoudini 3D Image
picBlazing Paddles Bitmap
picNEC PC-88 VA PIC Image
picQuickDraw Pict Image
picPC Paint Image
picioPixar Image
picncHoudini 3D Non-commercial Image
picsApple QuickDraw PICT Drawing Sequence
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