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Graphic File Extensions

bumPoser Bump Maps Data
bwSGI Black and White Image
b_wImageLab Image
c1pCapture One Preview Data
c2bCasio ClassPad II Animation
c2pCasio ClassPad II Picture
c4Edmics Image
ca1Atari ST CrackArt Image
ca2Atari ST CrackArt Image
ca3Atari ST CrackArt Image
calCALS Compressed Bitmap
calsCALS Compressed Bitmap
camCasio QV-10 Digital Camera Image
canCanon Navigator Fax
capPhase One RAW Image
cbmColor FBM Image
cbnCBN Selector Smart Image
ccfArcSoft Collage Creator File
cciChampions Interlace Compressed Image
cd5Chasys Draw Image
cdrCorelDraw Drawing Image
cdrtCorelDraw Template
cdrwCorelDraw for Mac Drawing
cdrzipDICOM Zipped Images Archive
cdtCorelDraw Template
cduCDU Paint Image
cdxCorelDraw Compressed Drawing
ceComputerEyes Raw Image
ce1ComputerEyes Raw Image
ce2ComputerEyes Raw Image
ce3Atari ST ComputerEyes Raw Image
cegContinuous Edge Graphic Bitmap
Tempra Show Bitmap
celAtari ST Cyber Paint Cell Image
Kisekae Set System CEL File
Lumena Cell Information
cephKodak Trophy CEPH Image
cexThumbsPlus Image Data
cfpCoverFactory Native Bitmap Format Data
cg4CALS Group 4 Bitmap
cgmComputer Graphics Metafile
chScitex Continuous Tone
ch1Lotus Freelance Graphics Chart
cheCommodore 64 Cheese Image
ciffCanon Raw Image
cimgCImg Image
cinAtari 8-bit Champions Interlace Image
Kodak Cineon Image
cipCisco IP Phone Image
citIntergraph Format Bitmap Image
cl0Atari ST Paintworks Image
cl1Atari ST Paintworks Image
cl2Atari ST Paintworks Image
clipClip Studio Format Image
cloCloe Raytracer Image
cloeCloe Raytracer Image
clpGoDot Image
cm5Amstrad CPC Mode 5 Image
cmpAtari ST Public Painter Image
JPEG Bitmap Image
cmtChinon ES-1000 Image
cmuCMU Window Manager Bitmap
cmuwmCMU Window Manager Bitmap
cmykRaw CMYK Bitmap
colAtari 8-bit Technicolor Dream Image
colzAdobe Collage
copCapture One Preview Image
cotIntergraph Format Bitmap Image
cp3Atari ST Picworks Image
cp8CP8 256 Grayscale Image
cpaPrism Image
cpbitmapiOS Wallpaper Image
cpcAmstrad CPC Captured Screen
Cartesian Document Image
cpdCompression PhotoDefiner Image
cpiAtari 8-bit Marco Pixel Editor Image
Calamus Raster Graphics Data
cprAtari 8-bit Trzmiel Compressed Image
cpsColored PostScript
Corel Photo House Image
cpsdAdobe Photoshop Compressed Image
cptAtari ST Canvas Compressed Image
Corel Photo-Paint Image
cpt6Corel Photo-Paint Image
cpxCinePaint XML-tagged Image
CryptaPix Encrypted Image
cr2Canon Raw 2 Image
cr3Canon Raw 3 Image
crcephKodak Trophy CEPH Image
crgCalamus Raster Graphics Data
criCrystal Reports Image
GE Medical CRI Image
crioKodak Trophy IO Image
crpanoKodak Trophy Panoramic Image
crwCanon Raw Image
cs1Sinar CaptureShop RAW Image
cs16Sinar CaptureShop RAW Image
cs4Sinar CaptureShop RAW Image
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