Filename Extensions
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Graphic File Extensions

73iTI-73 Bitmap
82iTI-82 Bitmap
83iTI-83 Calculator Picture
85iTI-85 Bitmap
86iTI-86 Bitmap
89iTI-89 Bitmap
8bpsAdobe Photoshop for Mac Large Document
8pbsAdobe Photoshop Macintosh
8xiTI-83/84 Plus Picture
92iTI-92 Bitmap
aCommodore 64 SEUCK Sprite Image
a4rAtari 8-bit Anime 4ever Image
a64Artist 64 Image
aaiDune HD Image
aasC64 Art Studio Image
abkCommodore Amiga AMOS Bitmap
abrAdobe Photoshop Brush File
absOptocat Image
acbAdobe Photoshop Color Book
acbmCommodore Amiga Continuous Bitmap Image
accAltamira Composer Image
accountpicture-msWindows 8 Account Picture
acdcACDSee Ultimate ACDC Image
aceRailWorks ACE Texture
acfAdobe Photoshop Custom Filter
acornAcorn Sprite Image
acrDICOM Bitmap Image
adexRun-Length Encoded Bitmap
adiumiconAdium Icon Data
adtAdTech Perfectfax Document
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