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Graphic File Extensions

spxSpectrum 512 Extended Image
srSun Raster Image
sr2Sony RAW Image
sr5MSX2 Graph Saurus SR5 Image
sr7MSX2 Graph Saurus Bitmap
srfSony RAW Image
sriMSX2 Graph Saurus SRI Image
srsMSX2+ Screen 12 Bitmap Image
srtAtari ST Synthetic Arts Image
srwSamsung RAW Image
ss4SAM Coupe Bitmap Image
ssbAtari ST Sinbad Slideshow
ssiSriSun Image
sskFutureWave SmartSketch Drawing
sstAVHRR Image
stNeopaint Stamp
st4SBIG CCD Camera Image
st5SBIG CCD Camera Image
st6SBIG CCD Camera Image
st7SBIG CCD Camera Image
st8SBIG CCD Camera Image
st9SBIG CCD Camera Image
steSamsung IPOLIS Image
stgSNMP Traffic Grapher Data
stiSinar CaptureShop 5.x Image
stitchPhotoVista Panorama Graphic
stlZX Spectrum Stellar Bitmap
stmArcSoft PhotoStudio Stamp Image
stnGenuine Fractals Image STN
stpMSX2 Dynamic Publisher Stamp
stwNeopaint for Windows Stamp
stxSBIG CCD Camera Image
suhAtari ST Degas SUH Image
sulGFA Raytrace Image
sumoSumo Paint Image
sunSun Raster Image
suniffSun TAAC Image
svgScalable Vector Graphic
svgzCompressed Scalable Vector Graphic
svmStarView Metafile
svsAperio SVS Slide
svslideSakura Virtual Slide
swlMacromedia Flash Format Data
sxgZX Spectrum Speccy eXtended Graphics Bitmap
symLotus Freelance Graphics Symbol
synSynthetic Universe Image
synuSynthetic Universe Image
t1Male MRI Image
t2Male MRI Image
t2bCyBook Thumbnail Image
t2kVISIA Image
taacSun TAAC Image
targaTarga Bitmap Image
tbdToon Boom Studio Drawing
tbnXBMC Thumbnail Image
tciTOPCALL Fax Image
tdiAutodesk Maya Image File
tdimDigital F/X Image
tffIDOLON Tagged File Format Image
tg1Atari Falcon COKE Image
tg4TG4 Fax Image
tgaTarga Bitmap Image
thbKinuPix Skin Image
thmCanon Thumbnail Image
thumbjAlbum Thumbnail
tifTag Image File Format
tiffTag Image File Format
tikzTikZ Graphic Data
tilButtonz and Tilez Texture
tileEclipse Image
timSony Playstation TIM Image
Tag Image File Format
timgAtari Falcon TIMG Image
tipAtari 8-bit Taquart Interlace Picture
tjpTilePic Image
tlaTuneUp Utilities Startup Logo
tm2Sony Playstation 2 TIM2 Image
tnTracor Northern Image
tn1Atari Tiny Image
tn2Atari Tiny Image
tn3Atari Tiny Image
tneManga Studio Tone
tngNamo WebCanvas Image
tnlThumbnail Image
tnyAtari Tiny Image
tpcTilePic Image
tpgTilePic Image
tpiAtari Falcon Prism Paint Image
tpicTarga Bitmap Image
tpvTutorPro Packed Graphics
tpxMirai TPX Image
treAtari Falcon Compressed Spooky Sprites Data
trifTiled Raster Interchange Format
trpAtari Falcon Spooky Sprites Data
Egg Paint Image
truAtari Falcon IndyPaint Image
ttfOptigraphics Tiled Image
ttxTilePic Image
tubCorel Paint Shop Pro Tube
tuoThumbs Plus Viewer Graphics Data
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