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Graphic File Extensions

!sZX Spectrum Hobetta Image
$cZX Spectrum Hobetta Image
$sZX Spectrum Hobetta Image
001Ricoh Fax Image
16LSS16 Format Image
1scBio-Rad Scan File
256Commodore Amiga Interchange File Format Bitmap
2bpPocket PC Bitmap Image
2dAmapi Image
301Brooktrout 301 Fax Image
360360desktop Panorama
3d4Atari ST Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image
CAD-3D 2.0 Image
3dv3D VRML World
3frHasselblad RAW Image
3prHasselblad RAW Image Data
3rAPP Raster Image
Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher Raster Image
411Sony Mavica Picture
4bitGoDot Image
4bppPentagon 1024SL Bitmap Image
4btGoDot Image
4gpAtariTools-800 Graphic Data
4miAtariTools-800 4 Missiles Data
4plAtariTools-800 4 Players Data
4pmAtariTools-800 4 Players and 4 Missiles Data
64cCommodore 64 8x8 Font Data
695RISC OS GIF Image
697RISC OS PCX Image
69cRISC OS BMP Image
73iTI-73 Bitmap
82iTI-82 Bitmap
83iTI-83 Calculator Picture
85iTI-85 Bitmap
86iTI-86 Bitmap
89iTI-89 Bitmap
8bpsAdobe Photoshop for Mac Large Document
8pbsAdobe Photoshop Macintosh
8xiTI-83/84 Plus Picture
92iTI-92 Bitmap
aCommodore 64 SEUCK Sprite Image
a4rAtari 8-bit Anime 4ever Image
a64Artist 64 Image
aaiDune HD Image
aasC64 Art Studio Image
abkCommodore Amiga AMOS Bitmap
abrAdobe Photoshop Brush File
absOptocat Image
acbAdobe Photoshop Color Book
acbmCommodore Amiga Continuous Bitmap Image
accAltamira Composer Image
accountpicture-msWindows 8 Account Picture
acdcACDSee Ultimate ACDC Image
aceAces200 Bitmap Image
RailWorks ACE Texture
acfAdobe Photoshop Custom Filter
acornAcorn Sprite Image
acrDICOM Bitmap Image
adexRun-Length Encoded Bitmap
adiumiconAdium Icon Data
adtAdTech Perfectfax Document
aegraphicAdobe After Effects Graphic Data
afiAperio AFI Picture
aflBFLI Image
Commodore 64 AFLI-editor Image
afpAdvanced Function Presentation Document
afphotoAffinity Photo Graphic Data
afxAuto FX Photo/Graphic Edges Image
agApplixware Graphic
agpAtariTools-800 Graphic Data
agrAPM Graph Vector Graphics Data
agsAtari Graphics Studio Image
ahsAdobe Photoshop Halftone Screen
aiAdobe Illustrator Drawing
aicAdvanced Image Coding Image
aipdAIPD Image
aisACDSee Album
ajrJpgfDraw Drawing ASCII
albJASC Image Commander Album
albmHP Photo Print Software Album
aliasAlias Wavefront Picture
alsAlias Wavefront Picture
amdnAmadine Drawing
amiAmica Paint Image
ampAdobe Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings
aniWindows Animated Cursor
animDeluxe Paint Animation
anmDeluxe Paint Animation
anvAirNav Image
apaAtari 8-bit APA Image
apdACDSee Flat Image
aplAtari 8-bit Atari Player Editor Image
apnAlpine APN Wallpaper
apngAnimated PNG
appAtari 8-bit Apac3 Linker-Viewer Image
apsAtari 8-bit SFDN Compressed APAC Image
apuCorrupted RAW Image
apvAtari 8-bit APV Image
apxAbility Photopaint Image
arfAxon IW Raw Image
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