Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

ertMGL Avionics Enigma Route File
ervERDAS ER Mapper Header Data
evfENVI Vector Data
ewmEWView DOS Map
ewtEWView DOS Track Data
ewwER Mapper World Data
fbgAGPS-Shape Pro Ground Surface
fbnArcGIS RO Spatial Index
fbxArcGIS RO Spatial Index
fitGarmin FIT Data
fjviGO Primo FJV Map
fjwiGO Primo Junction View Data
flyTerraExplorer Project
fndrXMap for Mac Data
fpiFugawi Point of Interest Data
freelistArcGIS Freelist Data
freshrouteNavigon Mobile Navigator Map
freshrouteNavigon Mobile Navigator Route Data
fx3Fugawi Point of Interest Data
fx3Fugawi Projection Data
fx3Fugawi Raster Map
fx3Fugawi Tracklog Data
fx4Fugawi Raster Map
g7tG7ToWin Track Data
gbfGTrek GPS Logging Data
gbfsGeoBase Compressed Map Data
gbsGTrek Collective GPS Data
gdbGarmin MapSource Waypoints Database
gdbindexesArcGIS Geodatabase Index
gdbtableArcGIS Geodatabase Table
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