Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

bmpwArcGIS BMP World Data
bpwBMP World File
bqwArcInfo BSQ World Data
bsbMapInfo Sea Chart Data
btVTBuilder Terrain Data
byoBayo CartoExploreur Data
bzmESRI BusinessMAP Map
c-mapC-Map Data
cached_iconHERE Maps for Android Cached Icon
cadrgCompressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
caiSeeYou Flight Data
carSeeYou Airspace Data
ccfGPS Pathfinder Office Configuration Data
cdemCompeGPS Digital Elevation Model
cgmapCityGuide Map
chtNavigator Vector Chart
cidNavigator Chart Image Description
citSeeYou Vector Map Data
clsArcInfo Geocoding Classification Data
cmf2CarryMap Apps Map Data
cmrSeeYou Raster Map
corTrimble Corrected SSF
cpgArcGIS Codepage
cr5Survey Pro Coordinate Data
crdAlan MAP 500 Map
crdHolux MapShow Map
csfGeoMedia Coordinate System Data
cshpArcView ShapeFile Project
ctcSeeYou Flight CTC Data
ctcSeeYou Flight Data
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