Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

aplArcGIS ArcPad Layer Data
apmArcGIS ArcPad Map Data
appArcGIS ArcPad Project
aprArcView Project
aprxArcGIS Pro Project
apsArcGIS ArcPad Style Data
aptxArcGIS Pro Project Template
apxArcGIS ArcPad XML Data
aqxAlpineQuest XML Map
ardAlan MAP 600 Map Data
ardHolux MapShow Map
asaESRI ArcScene Data
asrpArc Standard Raster Product Data
at5Lowrance Sonar Raster Map
atfSOCET SET Triangulation File
atxArcGIS Attribute Index
autGPSMan-automapic Data
auxArcGIS Auxilliary File
auxERDAS Imagine Geospatial Auxiliary Data
aveArcView Avenue Script
avlArcView Legend Template
avmAVISO Map Data
avpArcView Palette Data
avxArcView Extension
bcrPTV Map&Guide Station List File
bdsCadcorp SIS Base Dataset
bgdUSU TauDEM Binary Grid
bilwArcGIS BIL World File
blwArcGIS BIL World File
bmlESRI BusinessMAP Map Layer
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