Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

vctIdrisi Vector Image
vdcIdrisi Vector Documentation
vecENVI Vector Template
vecIdrisi Vector
vfkCzech Cadastral Exchange Data Format Data
vmapCompeGPS Vectorial Map
vpfVector Product Format Data
vrtGDAL Virtual Format
vtpkArcGIS Pro Vector Tile Package
vtpxArcGIS Pro Vector Tile Package
wgomCompeGPS Land Google Earth Remote Map Data
wkbOpenGIS Well-known Binary File
wktOpenGIS Well-known Text File
wldArcGIS World Data
wmmWorld Magnetic Model Data
worMapInfo Professional Workspace
wpzZander Flight Computer Waypoint File
wzmWaze Map Data
xgoGeoconcept GIS Add-on
xolSwiss Map Overlay
xpl2TerraExplorer LOD Parameter Data
xtfINTERLIS 2 Transfer Data
xyzArcGIS Desktop XYZ Format 3D Points Data
xyziArcGIS Desktop XYZ with Intensity Data
zhdTKO GNSS Receiver RAW Data
zicWebALP ZIC Compressed Image
zlasEsri ArcGIS Optimized LiDAR Data
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