Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

odbArcInfo Object Database ASCII Data
ogf2MapViewGPS Coordinates Data
ogrGDAL/OGR Data
ogwOrbit GIS Workspace
okmOkMap Georeference Data
omrOrbit Mobile Mapping Resource
ordOrbit GIS Data
osbOpenStreetMap Binary Map
ovfOrbit Vector Data
ozf2OziExplorer 2 Map
ozf4OziExplorer 4 Map
ozfx2OziExplorer 2 Map
ozfx3OziExplorer Map
pcidskPCI Geomatica PCIDSK Data
pfwPNG World File
pgfGPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid
pgwPNG World File
pixPCI Geomatica PCIDSK Data
pkinfoArcGIS Package Information Data
plnAGPS-Shape Pro Profile Data
pm0DeLorme Street Atlas Map Data
pmfArcGIS Published Map
pmzpMetro Map Data
pnyQV Map Image
poiPoint Of Interest eXchange File
poixPoint Of Interest eXchange File
posTrimble Position Data
ppkxArcGIS Pro Project Package
ppsArcInfo Processing Set Codes Data
prmRoute 66 Map Data
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