Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

rxoRINEX Observation Data
sa8DeLorme Street Atlas 8 Map Data
sbnArcGIS Spatial Index
sbxArcGIS Spatial Index
sdArcGIS Service Definition Data
sddraftArcGIS Service Definition Draft Data
sdlicArcGIS Data License
sdmSpatial Data Modeling Language Data
sdmlSpatial Data Modeling Language Data
sdsCadcorp SIS Shared Dataset
sedCadcorp SIS Export Dataset
shdArcInfo Shadeset Symbol Data
shpArcView Shape File
shxArcView Shape Index
shzArcView Zipped Shapefile
sidxSharpMap Spatial Index
slpkArcGIS Desktop Scene Layer Package
smpIdrisi Raster Format Color Table
smwSuperMap Desktop GIS Workspace
smwuSuperMap Desktop GIS 6R Workspace
sosSOSI Spatial Data
sosiSOSI Spatial Data
souOpenMap Source Data
spxArcGIS Geodatabase SPX File
ssfTrimble SSF Data
stnArcView Geocoding Standardization
strkGeoLogger GPS Track Data
styleArcGIS Style File
styleArcGIS Desktop Style Data
stylxArcGIS Desktop Pro v2 Style Data
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