Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

pnyQV Map Image
poiPoint Of Interest eXchange File
poixPoint Of Interest eXchange File
posTrimble Position Data
ppkxArcGIS Pro Project Package
ppsArcInfo Processing Set Codes Data
prmRoute 66 Map Data
pthVisualGPS XP Path Data
pxyTopocad Coordinate Data
qalOpenMap Quality Data
qc3Quick Chart 3 Map
qgisQuantum GIS Project
qglQGis Symbology Data
qgsQuantum GIS Project
qgzQuantum GIS Compressed Project
qlrQGis Layer Definition Data
qlyCarlson SurvCE Backup Data
qmpSeeYou Raster Map
qpjQGIS Shapefile
qszQPS Fledermaus Shared Scene Archive
qu2QuoVadis Database
qu3QuoVadis Database
qu4QuoVadis Database
qv5dbQuoVadis v5 Database
qvrLP360 LAS Pyramiding Data
rd5Survey Pro Road Alignment Data
rdcIdrisi Raster Format Description
rdeArcGIS Reduced Resolution Dataset External File
refIdrisi Raster Format Geographical Reference
rikSwedish Grid Map
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