Filename Extensions
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Gis File Extensions

smwSuperMap Desktop GIS Workspace
smwuSuperMap Desktop GIS 6R Workspace
sosSOSI Spatial Data
sosiSOSI Spatial Data
souOpenMap Source Data
spxArcGIS Geodatabase SPX File
ssfTrimble SSF Data
stnArcView Geocoding Standardization
strkGeoLogger GPS Track Data
styleArcGIS Desktop Style Data
styleArcGIS Style File
stylxArcGIS Desktop Pro v2 Style Data
supSOCET SET Support File
svyAGPS-Shape Pro Data Point
sxdArcScene Document
sxfGIS Storage and eXchange Format File
sxwSuperMap Desktop GIS XML Workspace
sxwuSuperMap Desktop GIS 6R XML Workspace
tabMapInfo Table Document
tatArcView Text Attribute Table
tdmbTrimble Outdoors Navigator Map Bundle Data
terMap Maker Terrain File
tfwArcGIS TIFF World File
tfwxArcGIS Approximate Affine Transformation Data
tifwArcGIS TIFF World File
timestampArcGIS Geodatabase Timestamp File
tlwTripLogik TL1000 RAW Data
tpkArcGIS Tile Data Package
tpoTopo Explorer Map
tqmTraqmate Data File
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