Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

wiaColin McRae: DiRT Data
winNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit Installation Data
wipColin McRae: DiRT Data
wixXara Internal Graphics Data
wjFIFA 2000 Game Data
wl1Wolfenstein 3D Game Data
wl3Wolfenstein 3D Registration Data
wl5Wolfenstein 3D Game Data
wl6Wolfenstein 3D Game Data
wldSerious Sam World Data
wldSettlers II World Map
wldTerraria World Data
wllThe Sims Wall Texture Data
wmapInfinity Engine Map Structure Data
wmoWorld of Warcraft World Model Object
wmwArmobiles Data File
wntSoldier of Fortune II Waypoint Data
wnvGrand Theft Auto V Navmesh Data
wo2Gothic II Game Data
wolfquestWolfQuest Saved Game
worldWorldPainter File
wotmodWorld of Tanks Modification Data
wotreplayWorld of Tanks Replay
wowpreplayWorld of Warplanes Replay
wowpreportWorld of Warplanes Report
wpakShadowbane: Throne of Oblivion Data
wplGTA 4 Item Placement Data
wpmWarcraft 3 Path Map Data
wpsPainkiller Overdose WPS Data
wrmWormWorld Level Data
2401 to 2430 of 2578