Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

wnvGrand Theft Auto V Navmesh Data
wo2Gothic II Game Data
wolfquestWolfQuest Saved Game
wooxyLeague of Legends Wooxy Skin
worldWorldPainter File
wotmodWorld of Tanks Modification Data
wotreplayWorld of Tanks Replay
wowpreplayWorld of Warplanes Replay
wowpreportWorld of Warplanes Report
wpakShadowbane: Throne of Oblivion Data
wrmWormWorld Level Data
wrplWar Thunder Saved Replay
wrplWidelands Saved Replay
wrsBagger Simulator WRS Archive
wsThe Witcher 2 Game Script
wscWorms Armageddon Scheme Data
wsoThe Sims 3 Mesh Data
wssOperation Flashpoint Audio Data
wtdGTA 4 Texture Data
wtfWorld of Warcraft Config
wtpWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War Texture
wwpWorms World Party Teams Data
wwwAnno 2070 World Configuration
wxMS Flight Simulator Weather File
wxdHomeworld Game Data
wxyLeague of Legends Wooxy Skin
wzMapleStory WZ Package
wzgWZebra Game Data
wzlWinzle Puzzle
xaiYs VIII XAST Archive
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