Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

v2productFortnite Launcher Product Data
v2sdmetaFortnite Launcher Metadata
v3oEmergency 3 Model
varInfinity Engine Variables Data
vasTMNT: Mutant Melee Game Data
vcisoPathea: Planet Explorers ISO Image
vcmGTA Vice City Mod Manager Data
vcrMotocross Madness 2 Video
vcsTitanfall Shader Data
vdfDivinity: Original Sin Game Data
vdfLeft 4 Dead Game Install Script
vdiStepmania Debug Resource
vduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Game VDU Data
vefInfinity Engine Visual Effects
vehAutomobilista Vehicle Data
vehFly! Vehicle Specification Data
versionUnreal Tournament Version Data
vexporterStronghold 3 Editor Data
vfeLeft 4 Dead Game Data
vfiMetro 2033 Game Data
vfnStronghold 3 Game Data
vfs0Metro 2033 Audio Data
vfs1Metro 2033 Game Data
vgtDRIV3R VGT Data
vgvVainglory Game Recording
vhcBig Red Racing Vehicle Data
vhvValve Source Lighting Data
visualWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface
vl2Tribes 2 Game Data
vlogVASSAL Game Log Data
1951 to 1980 of 2229
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