Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

arzTitan Quest Game Data
asbStarpoint Gemini 2 Assembly
asgAirport Tycoon Saved Game
ashAudiosurf Audio Metadata
ashKingdom of Loathing KoLmafia Script
ashKoLmafia ASH Script
asiMen of War: Assault Squad 2 ASI Data
aslQuest Adventure Game
assSplinter Cell: Blacklist ASS Data
assetUnity Asset
assetgroupF1 2015 Game Assetgroup Data
assetsStuntMANIA Assets Data
asstrmSplinter Cell: Blacklist Data
astNeed for Speed: Underground Audio Data
asvTrain Simulator Computed Activity Data
at3Airport Tycoon 3 Saved Game
atcSimCity 4 Animation Texture Collection
atlasDarkest Dungeon Graphics Data
atlasStronghold 3 Editor Atlas Data
autDescent Manager Data
avpSimCity 4 Animation Viewpoints Data
awfAbomination Game Data
awpAkimbot Waypoint Data
awreplayArena Wars Replay
azSki Stunt Simulator Animation
azpClose Combat Effects Data
bGTA III Saved Game
b!kMicrosoft Flight Simulator Scenery Data
b2kSensible Soccer 2006 Data
b3dOpenBVE 3D Object Data
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