Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

bssResident Evil Background Image
btbWarhammer: Dark Omen Map
btgBinary TerraGear Data
btlAmerican Civil War Battle Data
btsCombat Mission Shock Force Saved Scenario
bttCombat Mission Shock Force Scenario
btyRailroad Tycoon 3 Game Data
bunThe Dig Game Data
busVirtualBus Board Parameters File
bwdColin McRae Rally 2 Car Description File
bweBlack and White 2 Environment Data
bymlSuper Mario Odyssey Stage Data
bznStar Trek: Armada Game Map
bzwBZFlag World
c3Eudemons Online 3D Model
c4Clonk 4 Script
c4bClonk Game Data
c4fClonk Game Round Data
c4gOpenClonk Game System Data
c4iClonk Game Object Data
c4kClonk Game Key
c4sClonk Game Scenario
c4uOpenClonk Update System Data
c4vClonk Game Video
ca2Forza MotorSport Game Data
cardFunkiball Adventure Saved Game Data
cauTrespasser Game Audio
cbaChessBase Annotations
cbbChessBase Search Booster
cbcChessBase Commentators Index
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