Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

bndlNeed for Speed: Most Wanted Game Bundle Data
bndlxml5Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game Data
bngThe Bingo Maker Card Icon File
bnryThe Sims 4 Game Data
bntEntropia Universe Game Archive
bo2TerrainControl Custom Biome Objects v2
bo3TerrainControl Custom Biome Objects v3
bodX3: Reunion Ship Data
bohEuropa Universalis 2 Game Data file
bolMario Kart Wii Course Setup
bosFallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Data
botQuake FrogBot Data
bpeWWE Texture Archive
brasdMario Kart Binary Revolution Animation Sound Data
breffMario Kart Wii Effect Control Data
breftMario Kart Wii Effect Data
brfntMario Kart Wii Font Data
brlytMario Kart Wii Layout Data
brmdlMario Kart Wii 3D Model Data
brseqBinary Revolution Sequence Data
brtexMario Kart Wii Texture Data
brzCombat Mission: Shock Force Archive
bsInfinity Engine Script
bs1Apogee Blake Stone Game Data
bs1VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration
bsaFallout 3 Bethesda Softworks Archive
bsgBesiege Machine
bsmBioshock Map Data
bspQuake Map Data
151 to 180 of 1849