Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

bh3Rise of Nations Unit Graphic Data
bhaRise of Nations Unit Graphic Data
bhsRise of Nations Script
bicCivilization 3 Scenario
bidmpArmed Assault Crash Dump
bifBioware Game Data
biffInfinity Engine Archive
bigEA Compressed Game Archive
bin3This War of Mine Configuration Data
biqCivilization 3 Scenario
bkgBKG Backgammon Game Data
bksbTemple Run 3D Model
blightMario Kart Binary Light Data
blkDescent Mission Builder Block
blorbInteractive Fiction Package
blsBlockland Saved Game
blueEVE Online Generic Data File
blvMight and Magic 6 Level Geometry Data
blyFIFA World Cup Game Data
blzN-Gage Video Game
bm1Apogee Bio Menace Map
bmdSuper Mario Sunshine Game Data
bmdMU Online Game Data
bmeBeatMania Song
bmgMario Kart Wii Message File
bmqRe-Volt Texture Data
bmsBeatMania Song
bmsBe-Music Script
bmuBioware Aurora Music Unit
bmzPortal Bonus Map Zip
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