Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

twtCarmageddon 2 Game Data
txbDescent 2 Text File
txcEverQuest Texture Cache
txdGTA Texture Data
txiKOTOR 2 Game Data
txoPanda3D Texture Object
txtrMetroid Prime Texture Data
typAces Hight Map TYP Data
tzfOverlord Save Game Data
u8Lemmings 3D Audio File
uassetUnreal Asset Data
uaxUnreal Tournament Sound Package
ubnThe Fall: Last Days of Gaia Data
ucUnrealScript File
uclKilling Floor System File
ucmCrazy Machines Model
ucxBrothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Game Data
udkUnreal Engine 3 Level Package
ufoSpring HAPI Compressed Data File
ugcAce of Spades Game Data
ugxUnreal 2: The Awakening Data
uhtmUnreal Tournament HTML Data
ukaFIFA 2000 Game Data
ukxUnreal Tournament Animation Package
umapUnreal Engine v4 Map
umdSplinter Cell: Blacklist UMD Data
umjTribes: Vengeance Data
umodUnreal Tournament Module
umsRune 3D Mesh
umxUnreal Tournament Music Package
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