Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

unitypackageUnity Package File
unrUnreal Level Map
updatriConomy Update
upkUnreal Engine 3 Package
uqmThe Ur-Quan Masters Game Data
usaUnreal Saved Game
usxUnreal Tournament Static Meshes
ut2Unreal Tournament 2003 Map File
ut2modUnreal Tournament 2003 Module
ut3Unreal Tournament 3 Map
ut4modUnreal Tournament 2004 Module
ut8Ghost Master Language Data
utcBioware Aurora Creature Data
utdBioware Aurora Door Object
uteBioware Aurora Encounter Data
utiBioware Aurora Item Data
utmBioware Aurora Store Data
utpBioware Aurora Placeable Object
utsBioware Aurora Sound Object
uttBioware Trigger Data
utwUnity Whirld Package
utwBioware Waypoint Blueprints
utxUnreal Tournament Texture Package
uvxUnreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game
uxxUnreal Tournament Cache
uz2Unreal Tournament 2004 Package
v3oEmergency 3 Model
vcmGTA Vice City Mod Manager Data
vefInfinity Engine Visual Effects
vehAutomobilista Vehicle Data
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