Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

blorbInteractive Fiction Package
blsBlockland Saved Game
blueEVE Online Generic Data File
blvMight and Magic 6 Level Geometry Data
blyFIFA World Cup Game Data
blzN-Gage Video Game
bm1Apogee Bio Menace Map
bmdMU Online Game Data
bmdSuper Mario Sunshine Game Data
bmeBeatMania Song
bmgMario Kart Wii Message File
bmqRe-Volt Texture Data
bmsBeatMania Song
bmsBe-Music Script
bmuBioware Aurora Music Unit
bmzPortal Bonus Map Zip
bngThe Bingo Maker Card Icon File
bnryThe Sims 4 Game Data
bntEntropia Universe Game Archive
bo2TerrainControl Custom Biome Objects v2
bo3TerrainControl Custom Biome Objects v3
bodX3: Reunion Ship Data
bolMario Kart Wii Course Setup
bosFallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Data
botQuake FrogBot Data
bpeWWE Texture Archive
brasdMario Kart Binary Revolution Animation Sound Data
brlytWii Textures and Material Lists
brmdlMario Kart Wii 3D Model Data
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