Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

ahodHomeworld Game Data
aiAI Game Data
aiBattlefield 2 AI Data
aiRise of Nations AI Data
ai0AI Game Data
ai2AI Game Data
aidStar Trek: Armada AI Parameters Data
ainDelta Force AI Coordinates Data
aipDelta Force AI Perimeters Data
aipROSE Online AI Data
airMicrosoft Flight Simulator Aircraft Data
airMugen Animation Data
airportRealFlight Airport Data
airportsRealFlight Airport Data
aivStronghold Crusader AI Village Data
aiwFormula One 2001 Game Data
ajartAnimal Jam Artwork Data
ajgartAnimal Jam Artwork Data
alfAipro Land Data
aloStar Wars: Empire at War Game Model
alzDarkEden Game Data
am1Adventure Maker Package
amaFIFA 2000 Game Data
amxAdminMod Plugin
amxAMX Mod Plugin
an2Croc Animation
ancsMetroid Prime Animation Data
aniPainkiller Overdose Game Animation
aniTransport Fever Game Animation Data
animAntibody Animation Data
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