Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

ba2Bethesda Softworks Archive
baaTwilight Princess Audio Archive
bafThe Club Data
bafBattlefield 2 Animation
bagEmperor: Battle for Dune Data
bahInfinity Engine Game Data
bamInfinity Engine Animation
bankDarkest Dungeon Audio Data
barAge of Mythology Game Data
batchSwitchball Data
bb3BlasterBall 3 Game Data
bbaSettlers: Heritage of Kings Game Data
bbmEvasive Action Data
bcbStolen Game Data
bd1X Operations Data
bdaeGameloft Game Data
bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit Data
becGladius Game Data
bexBoom Extension
bfCryo BF Game Data
bfbZoo Tycoon 2 Model
bfgBig Fish Games Application
bfhpCeltic Kings Game Data
bfmBloodrayne Model Data
bfontNeed for Speed: Shift Font
bfpTOCA Touring Car Championship Game Data
bfresMario Kart 8 Binary Cafe Resources Data
bfsFlatOut Game Data
bfsarMario Kart 8 Effects Data
bgBackgammon for Windows Saved Game
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