Filename Extensions
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Game Data File Extensions

tcfTheme Park World Game Data
tcmTotal Club Manager 2003 Saved Game
tcpcdxTrain Simulator Texture Data
tctChampionship Manager 4 Game Data
td4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track
td6RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design
tdbBallance Highscore Database
tdfTotal Annihilation Features Data
tdtSimTower Game Data
tdtSimTower: The Vertical Empire Game Data
tduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Data
te2Conquest of the New World Game Data
teagToME Saved Game Data
teazToME Saved Zone Data
tedStar Wars: Empire at War Map
tedTribes 2 Game TED Data
terBlack and White 2 Terrain Data
tewWrestling Spirit Game Data
texHitman Game Text Data
textureTrainz Texture Data
texturepackArena Wars Texture Package
tfFollin Player II Music
tf2Team Fortress 2 Game Data
tfcUnreal Engine 3 Texture File Cache
tfrTIE Fighter Pilot File
tgamWakfu Game Data
tghGuitar Hero 3 Tier Settings
tgiSimCity 4 Type Group Instance Data
tgpcdxTrain Simulator Texture Data
tgqDungeon Keeper 2 Game Movie
tgvNeed for Speed In-game Video
tgxStronghold Crusader TGX Image
thfReckless Thief Level Data
tiHomeworld Tactical Icon Data
tigerTomb Raider Game Data
tikHeavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 TIKI Model
tilCTGP Revolution Texture Archive
tilDelta Force Tile Data
tilROSE Online Map List Data
tileskinzipElemental: War of Magic Tile Skin
tinyidTiny Village Game Data
tisInfinity Engine Tileset Data
titTrain Simulator Track Interactive Table Data
tizInfinity Engine Compressed Tileset
tjaTaikojiro Song Map
tjcTaikojiro Song Map Sequence
tkrTinker Custom Level
tlkBioware Talk Table
tlkInfinity Engine Talk Data
tlncSplinter Cell: Double Agent Data
tlsPilesOTiles Game Data
tmBattlefield 2 Tree Mesh Data
tmclDead or Alive 5 Texture Map
tmlJurassic Park: Operation Genesis Skin Data
tmo3DCG Animation and Pose Data
tmodTerraria Mod
tmrThe Simpsons: Cartoon Studio Data
tniVirtua Tennis Data
tocBattlefield 4 TOC Data
tocWorld of Warcraft Add-on TOC
todCrysis Time of Day Data
tohInfinity Engine Talk Override Data
torNBA 99 In-game Animation Data
torStar Wars: The Old Republic Asset Data
totInfinity Engine Talk Override Data
toyCatz and Dogz Game Data
tp4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture
tpacMount and Blade II: Bannerlord Package
tpjDelta Force Terrain Project
tplMario Kart Wii Menu Image
tqmTitan Quest Mod Manager File
tr2Tomb Raider 2 Game Data
traprofileTomb Raider: Anniversary Profile Data
trasaveTomb Raider: Anniversary Saved Game
trayitemThe Sims 4 TrayItem Data
treStar Wars Galaxies TRE Archive
trfTrain Simulator Traffic Pattern
trkGeneRally Track Data
trkIL-2 Sturmovik Track Data
trkPacific Fighters Offline Track
trkRollerCoaster Tycoon Track Model
trk3Rail3D Layout Data
trmdlPokemon Legends: Arceus Model Data
trnDelta Force Terrain Data
trpPorts of Call Saved Game
trusaveTomb Raider: Underworld Saved Game
ts1VirtualBus Texture Description
ts4scriptThe Sims 4 Script
tscCave Story Script
tscFUEL Game Script
tsdDelta Force Tile Surface Definition
tsiROSE Online Interface Data
tso3DCG Model Data
tspeedTyperSpeed Sepia Settings Data
tsrTSR Launcher Data
ttStar Trek: Armada Techtree Information
ttarchTelltale Games Archive
ttarch2The Walking Dead: Season Two Game Data
ttgRed Alert 3 Game Data
tthVampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Game Data
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