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Game Data File Extensions

psxSony Playstation Savegame
psysZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects
pt2Advanced Tactics Scenario Data
ptaNASCAR Racing 2003 Game Data
ptlDelta Force Particle Data
ptmBioware Aurora Plot Manager Data
ptsHalf-Life Map Creation Debug Data
Infinity Engine Tileset Data
pttBioware Aurora Blueprint Data
ptuDelta Force Effects Definition Data
ptxRayman 2 Game PTX Data
puaAgainst Rome Game Data
pudWarcraft II Game Data
purblepairssave-msPurble Pairs Saved Game
purbleshopsave-msPurble Place Shop Saved Game
puzAcross Lite Crossword Puzzle
puzzle_setupFoldit Puzzle Setup Data
pviCounter-Strike PODBot Knowledge Data
pvmSonic Adventure DX Game Object
pvmxSonic Adventure DX Mod Loader Texture Data
pvpfPet Ville Save
PetVille Saved Game
pvrzInfinity Engine PowerVR Graphics Data
pwfCounter-Strike PODBot Waypoint
pxpCounter-Strike PODBot Experience Data
pzPanda3D Pzip Compressed File
pzcorPanzer Corps Saved Core Army Data
pzlJigs@w Puzzle
Lode Runner Puzzle Set
pzsavPanzer Corps Saved Game
q2plugQuake 2 for Mac Game Data
q2rendererQuake 2 for Mac Renderer Plugin
q3Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3 Data
qcHalf-Life Model Compiler Script
qcbCombat Flight Simulator Quick Combat Editor Data
qchThe Dark Queen of Krynn Game Data
qduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Game Data
qe4Kingpin: Life of Crime Settings Data
qfmFootball Manager 2006 Data
qfsNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit QFS Image
qleQoole 99 Level Data
qm2Dragon Raja Character Data
qmodBeat Saber for Quest Mod
qpckGod Eater Resurrection Data
qrQuaver Replay
qsdROSE Online Quest Data
qsgQuest Saved Game
qstZelda Classic Quest
qsuZelda Classic Quest
qsvJigs@w Puzzle Data
qwdQuakeWorld Demo Data
qwlQualityWings Add-on Package
r8Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture Data
r81Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture Data
r82Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture Data
ra3autosaveRed Alert 3 Autosave Data
ra3campaignRed Alert 3 Campaign Data
ra3replayRed Alert 3 Replay
ra3skirmishRed Alert 3 Skirmish Data
radqNeed for Madness Game Archive
rafLeague of Legends Game Archive
rasMax Payne Game Data
rastSpore Texture Data
rasterSpore Texture Data
ravFIFA 2001 Game Environment Data
rbDivinity: Original Sin RB Data
rbdDark Vengeance Data
rbfWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 Binary Data
rblxROBLOX Game Data
rbmxROBLOX Library
rbxlROBLOX Location Data
rbxlxROBLOX Location XML Data
rbxmROBLOX Model Data
rbxmxROBLOX Model Data
rbxsROBLOX Script
rbzRail Baron Player Saved Game
Richard Burns Rally Data
rcLeft 4 Dead RC Data
rc4Microsoft Flight Simulator Customisation Data
rccRan Online Resource Script
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