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Game Data File Extensions

md5meshMD5 Model Data
md6animDoom 4 Animation Data
md6meshDoom 4 Model Data
mdcReturn to Castle Wolfenstein Model Data
mddbsManic Digger Database
mdfStar Trek: Armada Game Data
mdlHalf-Life Game Model Data
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Model Data
Microsoft Flight Simulator Model Data
Quake 3D Model Data
Warcraft 3 Text Model Data
mdlxKingdom Hearts 2 Model
mdmMario Dash Map Data
mdtDelta Force Bump Map Data
mduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Game MDU Data
mdxWarcraft 3 Binary Model Data
me2headmorphMass Effect 2 Head Morph Data
me2modMass Effect 2 Modification
medAquazone Medication Data
megStar Wars: Empire at War Data
mega2Doom Texture Package
mekGearhead Garage Game Data
melmodMelon Playground Mod
melonBONEWORKS Custom Item
melsaveMelon Playground Saved Game
menuInfinity Engine Menu Data
Quake 3 Engine Menu
meshworldHamsterball Level Data
metDragon Age: Origins Saved Game
mfmodMobile Forces Game Mod
mggMegaGlest Game Configuration Data
mghMinigolf Adventures Deluxe Game Data
mglAge of Empires 2 Replay
mgnStar Wars: Galaxies 3D Model
mgsvMetal Gear Solid V Mod Archive
mgxAge of Empires II: The Conquerors Data
Rise of Nations Saved Game
mgzMetal Gear Solid Archive
mhdFallout 3 MHD Data
mhkMyst Game Data
Riven Movie Data
miiNintendo Wii Virtual Avatar
mineMinecraft Map Data
minesweepersave-msMinesweeper Saved Game
mioWarioWare D.I.Y. Microgame Data
misDelta Force: Land Warrior Mission Data
Marble Blast Gold Mission
Tribes 2 Game Mission Data
missHomeworld Missile Data
missionAnno 2070 Mission Information
Vega Strike Mission Data
mixCommand and Conquer MIX Data
MotoGP Game Data
mjoThief Mesh Joints Data
mkrTrain Simulator Marker Data
mlxStarcraft Saved Game
mmRise of Nations Campaign Media Data
Transport Fever Game Cache Data
mm6Might and Magic VI Saved Game
mm7Might and Magic VII Saved Game
mm8Might and Magic VIII Saved Game
mmhDragon Age Model Mesh Hierarchy Data
mmlAleph One Marathon Markup Language Code
mmpGrand Theft Auto Multiplayer Map
mmxCommand and Conquer Map
mn2Descent 2 Mission Data
mn3Descent 3 Mission Data
mniStar Trek Elite Force 2 Data
mnuDelta Force Menu Data
moTransport Fever Game Text Data
mobMaster of Orion 3 Game Data
modNeverwinter Nights Game Module
mod3Monster Hunter World 3D Model Data
modelStronghold 3 Model Data
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 Model Data
modinfoCivilization V Mod Information
modpakStarbound Mod Package
modpkgMinecraft PE Mod Package
mogFootBall Mogul Data
mommaOffspring Fling Replay Data
monMonopoly Deluxe Game Data
mopDragon Age Player Data
morDragon Age Toolset Head Morph
mosInfinity Engine Bitmap Data
mountainA Short Hike Saved Game
movROSE Online Movie Data
moviePayday Game Movie
mp2Heroes of Might and Magic II Map
mp2mMax Payne 2 Mod Data
mp2sMax Payne 2 Saved Game
mpakBattlestations: Midway Data
mpdVagrant Story Map Data
mpkPainkiller Overdose Map Data
Wolfenstein 2009 Game Data
mpmMax Payne Modfication
mpqMoPaQ Archive
mprLive for Speed Multiplayer Replay
mpsMax Payne Saved Game
mpzRed Eclipse Map Data
mqoRunescape 2 Game Data
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