Filename Extensions
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Font File Extensions

suitMac OS 9 Font Suitcase File
sxsAtari 8-bit 16x16 Font
t1cPostscript Type1 Compressible Font
t42PostScript Type 42 Font
tdfTheDraw Font
tfmTeX Font Metric
tpbHijaak PCL Soft Font Backup
tpfHijaak PCL Soft Font
ttcTrueType Font Collection
ttePrivate Character Editor Font
ttfTrueType Font
typeCommodore Amiga Font
u8mUTF-8 for Microcomputers Font
uffUnidrv Font Format Data
ufmUnidrv Font Metrics
uslHP LaserJet Printer USL Font
uspAdobe PageMaker Printer Font
uspHP LaserJet Printer Font
vfTeX Virtual Font File
vf1BP-743 Variable Pitch Font
vf36D Embroidery Software Font
vfaFontlab Studio 2.5 Font
vfbFontlab Studio Font
vfontValve Source Font Data
vlwProcessing Font
vmfCorel Ventura Publisher Font Data
vnfType3 Vision Numeric Font
vplTeX Virtual Property Lists
w30Ventura Publisher Printer Font
wnfCorelDraw Outline Font
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