Filename Extensions
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Font File Extensions

mvecPlayground SDK MVEC Font
nfntMacintosh New Font
nftrNintendo DS Font Type
nlqAtari 8-bit Daisy-Dot Font
nmf3D Embroidery Font
odttfObfuscated OpenType Font
otfOpenType Font
pfaPostscript Type1 ASCII Font
pfbPostscript Type1 Font Binary
pfmPostscript Type1 Printer Font Metrics
pfrPortable Font Resource
pftChiWriter 9P Matrix Printer Font
phfQNX Photon Font
pilPython Image Library Font
qbfQuickBasic Font Data
qfnQuickTime Player Font Data
qifDESQview Compressed Font Archive
sbfSabriel Bitmap Font
scrLocoScript Screen Font
sfdSpline Font Database
sfnEasySIGN Font File
sfntQuickDraw GX Spline Font
smnParaGraph WorkScript Font
snfDESQview Font Data
spritefontXNA Game Studio Sprite Font File
sstSST-Tools VoZaken Font
suitMac OS 9 Font Suitcase File
sxsAtari 8-bit 16x16 Font
t1cPostscript Type1 Compressible Font
t42PostScript Type 42 Font
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