Filename Extensions
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Font File Extensions

f80Atari 8-bit The Last Word Font
fanMakeMusic Finale Font Annotation File
fdbFont Definition Block
feaOpenType Feature Data
ffilMac OS X Font Suitcase
fliTeX Font Library
fn2Atari 8-bit Atari FontMaker Font
fn3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Font Data
fnbFirst Publisher Font
fnnMS-DOS Screen Text Font
fntAtari 8-bit 8x8 Font
fntAtari ST GDOS Font
fntGeneral CADD Font
fntMicrosoft Windows Font
fntMSX2 Dynamic Publisher Font
fntaAleph One Font File
fntdataMicrosoft Office Open XML Embedded Font Data
fnxXNA Game Studio FNX Font File
fonWindows Bitmap Font
fontMacintosh Font File
fotTrueType Font Resource File
frfFontMonger Intermediate Font
frsCorel WordPerfect Font Resource Data
ftmMicrografx Designer Font Data
fyFontasy Publisher Font
fybFontasy Publisher Bold Font
fyiFontasy Publisher Italic Font
fzxFZX Bitmap Font
gCommodore 64 SEUCK Font Data
gdrSymbianOS Font
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