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Font File Extensions

fntAtari 8-bit 8x8 Font
fntaAleph One Font File
fntdataMicrosoft Office Open XML Embedded Font Data
fnxXNA Game Studio FNX Font File
fonWindows Bitmap Font
fontMacintosh Font File
fotTrueType Font Resource File
fyFontasy Publisher Font
fyiFontasy Publisher Italic Font
fzxFZX Bitmap Font
gCommodore 64 SEUCK Font Data
gdrSymbianOS Font
gfMetafont Generic Font
glfGLF 3D Font File Format
glifGlyph Interchange Format Data
glyphsGlyphs Character Data
gxfGeneral CADD Pro Font
hbfHanzi Bitmap Font
hfiHP Printer Font Data
hmzkMi Band 2 Font
hzkDWIN DGUS Tool Font Data
iceAtari 8-bit Interlace Character Editor Font
jhfJava Hershey Font File
lftChiWriter Laser Printer Font
lwfnClassic Mac OS Type 1 Printer Font
mfMetafont Font
mfmVTeX Multiple Master Font Metrics
mse-symbol-fontMagic Set Editor Symbol Font Data
mvecPlayground SDK MVEC Font
nfntMacintosh New Font
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