Filename Extensions
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Font File Extensions

chrBorland Language Stroke Font
chsOric 6x8 Font Data
clafClarisWorks Font
compositefontWindows Composite Font
dfontMac OS X Data Fork Font
dzkAMP Display Font Library
eftChiWriter Hi-res Screen Font
eotMicrosoft Embedded OpenType Font
esaHatch Embroidery Font Data
etxTeX Font
eufPrivate Character Editor Font
f11MS-DOS 11-pixel Screen Font
f12MS-DOS 12-pixel Screen Font
f13MS-DOS 13-pixel Screen Font
f16MS-DOS 16-pixel Screen Font
f80Atari 8-bit The Last Word Font
fanMakeMusic Finale Font Annotation File
fdbFont Definition Block
feaOpenType Feature Data
ffilMac OS X Font Suitcase
fn2Atari 8-bit Atari FontMaker Font
fn3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Font Data
fnbFirst Publisher Font
fnnMS-DOS Screen Text Font
fntMicrosoft Windows Font
fntGeneral CADD Font
fntAtari ST GDOS Font
fntMSX2 Dynamic Publisher Font
fntAtari 8-bit 8x8 Font
fntaAleph One Font File
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