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Font File Extensions

075Corel Ventura Publisher 75dpi Font
085Corel Ventura Publisher 85dpi Font
091Corel Ventura Publisher 91dpi Font
096Corel Ventura Publisher 96dpi Font
12uAdobe PageMaker Font Data
4csAtariTools-800 Font Data
75Corel Ventura Publisher 75dpi Font
85Corel Ventura Publisher 85dpi Font
91Corel Ventura Publisher 91dpi Font
96Corel Ventura Publisher 96dpi Font
abfAdobe Binary Format Font
acfmAdobe Composite Font Metrics
acsAtariTools-800 Font Data
afmAdobe Font Metrics
afnArtCAM Font
amfmAdobe Multiple Font Metrics
aufAlphacam User Font
b30Ventura Publisher Printer Font
bdfGlyph Bitmap Distribution Format
bfnBrother Embroidery System Font
bxEmbrilliance Essentials BX Font
bzrBinary Font Data
cbtfPlazmic CDK Font Data
cfnCalamus Font Data
cftChiWriter Low-res Screen Font
chrAtari 8-bit Blazing Paddles Font
chrBorland Language Stroke Font
chsOric 6x8 Font Data
clafClarisWorks Font
compositefontWindows Composite Font
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