Filename Extensions
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Ebook File Extensions

prcMobipocket Reader E-Book
qmkYanceyDesktop Quickmarks File
rbRocket eBook
rzbRed Zion Book
rznRed Zion Notes
sbrzSky Ebook Reader Encrypted Ebook
smbpMobipocket E-book Secured Auxiliary Data
snbShanda Bambook eBook
svaManga Browser Comic
tcrPsion Series 3 Ebook
tcrTCR E-book
tebrTiny eBook Reader Ebook
tk3TK3 E-Book
tpzAmazon Topaz E-book
trTomeRaider 2 E-book
tr3TomeRaider 3 E-book
txtcCompressed eBook Text
txtzZIP Compressed Text Ebook
ubkEmbiid Reader eBook
updbcBook Ebook
vbkVitalBook eBook
webiWeb Book Internal Format eBook
webzWEBZ Compressed eBook
wmgaWeb Manga Document
wolWOLF eBook
wolfWOLF Document
xebApabi eBook
xksIBM Softcopy Reader PDF Extended Bookshelf File
ybhtmyBook E-book HTML Document
ybkYanceyware eBook
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