Filename Extensions
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Ebook File Extensions

ipefiPublisherCentral eBook
iteE-Tabs Format E-book
kcbKindle Create Book
kcrKindle Cloud Reader Ebook
kdhChina Academic Journals KDH Document
kf8Amazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook
kf8Amazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook Metadata
kfxKindle v10 KFX Ebook
kfx-zipCompressed Kindle KFX Ebook
koobKoober E-Book
litMicrosoft Reader E-Book Document
lmbLenMus eBook
lrfSony BBeB E-Book
lrsSony BBeB E-Book Source
lrxSony BBeB E-Book
martMartView eBook
mbp1Amazon Kindle Touch Annotations Data
mbpkgMobipocket Reader Package
mbpv2Amazon Kindle Annotations Data
mobiMobipocket Reader E-Book
mpubMobcast Mobile Optimized ePub Book
natNatata eBook Compiler Document
ncxEPUB Navigation Control XML
nhChina Academic Journals NH Document
nvaNVA eBook Document
oebOpen Electronic Package Ebook
oebzipZipped Open eBook
opfOpen Electronic Package Ebook
pdbPlucker Ebook
pdgSSReader Digital Book
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