Filename Extensions
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Ebook File Extensions

aehArchos Reader Ebook
apnxAmazon Kindle eBook Index
ascmAdobe Content Server Message
avaAvaaPlayer AvaaBook eBook
az3Amazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook
az3Amazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook Metadata
aznAmazon Kindle Newspaper Data
azwAmazon Kindle eBook
azw1Amazon Kindle Topaz eBook
azw3Amazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook
azw3fAmazon Kindle Ebook Metadata
azw3rAmazon Kindle Format 8 Ebook Metadata
azw4Amazon Print Replica eBook
azw6Amazon Kindle Ebook
bflyBook E-book Data
bkcIBM Library Server Bookcase File
bkiIBM Library Server Bookshelf Index File
bkkBookBuddi eBook
bksIBM Library Server Bookshelf File
booktemplateApple iBooks Author Ebook Template
bpnuebPNU eBook
brnyBook Compiled E-book
bteE-Tabs Format E-book
cajChina Academic Journals Document
cb77-ZIP Compressed Comic Book
cbaACE Compressed Comic Book
cbcComic Book Collection
cbdsComic Book DS Document
cbrRAR Compressed Comic Book
cbtTAR Compressed Comic Book
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