Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

xmapXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
xmcdMathcad Worksheet Document
xmcdzMathcad Compressed Worksheet
xmctMathcad XML Worksheet Template
xmindXMind Workbook
xmlExtensible Markup Language File
xmlsMicrosoft Excel 2003 XML Document
xmnSprintometer Document
xmtRomulus 3D Modeler Data
xodSilverlight XPS Document
xoieZediaMX Locked Presentation Document
xovRapidform XOV 3D Model
xpdlXML Process Definition Language Document
xpfHomestead Sitebuilder Document
xpr3QuarkXPress for Mac Document
xpsXML Paper Document
xpwePriMus XML Exchange Document
xrwArchitag XRay XML Editor Document
xs3XESS Worksheet
xs4XESS Worksheet
xs5XESS Worksheet
xscscptTranscribe! Script
xsdMicrosoft InfoPath XML Schema
xsfMicrosoft InfoPath Form Definition
xshXshade 3D Model
xslExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
xsltExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
xsnMicrosoft InfoPath Form Template
xsslogMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Log Data
xssrMicrosoft SharePoint Workspace Data
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