Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

wssWorksheet Builder Self-Contained Worksheet
wstWordStar 2000 Template
wstWorksheet Builder Worksheet Template
wt0WordExpress Document Template
wt1WordExpress Document Template
wt2WordExpress Document Template
wt4Lotus 1-2-3 Smartmaster Template
wtxPlain Text Document
wvlWorkView3D Links
wvwInterleaf WorldView Document
wwsWriting With Symbols Document
wxmxwxMaxima Document
wxpEXP Document
wynWYNN Document
wyxWYNN Document
wznWhizFolders Note Document
wzsMicrosoft Word Wizard
x3dX3D Scene
x3dbX3D Binary Scene
x3dbzCompressed X3D Binary Scene
x3dvX3D Classic VRML
x3dvzCompressed X3D Classic VRML
x3dzCompressed X3D Scene
x3gMakerBot X3G Document
xavFinal Draft AV v2 Document
xbcSMART Notebook Document
xbdocXiosis Scribe Document
xbelXBEL Bookmark
xbkSMART Notebook Document
xbmmlBMML File with Metadata
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