Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

xlm4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Macro Data
xlrMicrosoft Works Spreadsheet
xlsMicrosoft Excel Worksheet
xls3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Document
xls4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Document
xls5Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac Document
xls8Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac Document
xlsbMicrosoft Excel 2007 Document
xlseDocument Manager Encrypted XLS Document
xlshtmlMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
xlslDocument Manager Locked Excel Document
xlsmMicrosoft Excel 2007 Document
xlsmhtmlMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
xlstOnlyOffice Internal XLSX Document
xlsxMicrosoft Excel 2007 Document
xlsxeDocument Manager Encrypted XLSX Document
xlsxlDocument Manager Locked XLSX Document
xltMicrosoft Excel Template
xlthtmlMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template
xltmMicrosoft Excel 2007 Template
xltxMicrosoft Excel 2007 Template
xlvMicrosoft Excel VBA Module
xlwMicrosoft Excel Workbook Document
xlw3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Workbook Document
xlw4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Workbook Document
xlw5Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac Workbook Document
xlxmlMicrosoft Excel XML Worksheet
xlzOpen Language Tools XLIFF Archive
xmapXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
xmcdMathcad Worksheet Document
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