Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

xfdlXFDL Document
xfoXSL-FO Formatted Form
xfpMicrosoft InfoPath Property Promotion
xglXGL 3D CAD Model
xgmlGraph Modeling Language XML
xgzMegaBitz XGL Vector Drawing
xhfXHeader Document
xhtXHTML Document
xhtmXHTML Document
xhtmlXHTML Document
xigXML Instance Generator Document
xlMicrosoft Excel Worksheet
xlaMicrosoft Excel VBA Add-in
xla8Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac Add-in
xlamMicrosoft Excel 2007 VBA Add-in
xlaxMicrosoft Excel 2007 VBA Add-in
xlbMicrosoft Excel toolbar Setup
xlcMicrosoft Excel Chart File
xlc3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Chart Document
xlc4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Chart Document
xlcsvMicrosoft Excel Comma-Separated Values Document
xldMicrosoft Excel Dialogue
xlfXLIFF Document
xliXLIFF Document
xlifXLIFF Document
xliffXLIFF Document
xlineXLine Mind Map Document
xlkMicrosoft Excel XLS Backup
xllMicrosoft Excel Add-in
xlmMicrosoft Excel Macro Definition
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