Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

wp3Winplot Drawing
wp3Winplot Mapping Document
wp4Corel WordPerfect Document
wp42Corel WordPerfect 4 for Mac Document
wp5Corel WordPerfect Document
wp50Corel WordPerfect 5 for Mac Document
wp6Corel WordPerfect Document
wp7Corel WordPerfect Document
wpaAct! Word Processor Document
wpcPazzles Inspiration Studio Document
wpcWordPad Converter File
wpc2Corel WordPerfect 2 for Mac Document
wpdCorel WordPerfect Document
wpd0Corel WordPerfect 1 for Mac Document
wpd1Corel WordPerfect 1 for Mac Document
wpd2Corel WordPerfect 2 for Mac Document
wpd3Corel WordPerfect 3 for Mac Document
wpeCorel WordPerfect Entrust Document
wpfCorel WordPerfect Form
wplWinPLOTR Document
wpmCorel WordPerfect Macro
wpostWindows Live Writer Post
wpostxWindows Live Writer Post
wpsMicrosoft Works Document
wpsoWPS Office Writer Outward Document
wpsxWPS Office Writer Document
wptCorel WordPerfect Template
wptxWPS Office Writer Template
wpwWordPerfect Works Document
wq!Quattro Pro Compressed Spreadsheet
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