Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

wb1Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
wb2Quattro Pro for Windows Spreadsheet
wb2Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
wb3Apple Logic Studio WaveBurner Document
wb3Quattro Pro for Windows Spreadsheet
wb3Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
wbkMicrosoft Word Backup
wbxmlWAP Binary XML
wcdWaterCAD Document
wchCorel WordPerfect Macro Facility
wchGEM Word Chart Document
wcjWriter's Cafe Journal Document
wcmCorel WordPerfect Macro
wcmlWebComposition Markup Language Document
wcnWriter's Cafe Notebook Document
wcpWriter's Cafe Pinboard Document
wcsWriter's Cafe Scrapbook Document
wd0WordExpress Document
wd1WordExpress Document
wd2Word Express v2 Document
wdbMicrosoft Works Database
wdbnMicrosoft Word for Mac Document
wdfWorkshare Deltafile
wdgxWedge CAD Document
wdlDynaDoc Document
wdocWriteOnline Document
webXara Web Document
webdocBox Web Document
wefWorkPapers Exchange Data
wf1EViews Workfile
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