Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

wr1Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet
wrdPsion Word File
wriWrite Document
wrkLotus Symphony Spreadsheet
wrlVirtual Reality World
wrlVRML Document
wrpGeomagic Wrap 3D Data
wrzGzip Compressed WRL File
wsSmartWare Worksheet Document
wsWorksheet Builder Worksheet
ws1WordStar 2000 Document
ws2WordStar 2000 Document
ws3WordStar 2000 Document
ws4WordStar 2000 Document
ws5WordStar 2000 Document
ws6WordStar 2000 Document
ws7WordStar 2000 Document
wsaJasc Animation Shop Animation
wscRIO Designer Scene
wscdocWorksheet Crafter 2020 Document
wsdWordStar 2000 Document
wsdlWeb Services Description Language Document
wssWorksheet Builder Self-Contained Worksheet
wstWordStar 2000 Template
wstWorksheet Builder Worksheet Template
wt0WordExpress Document Template
wt1WordExpress Document Template
wt2WordExpress Document Template
wt4Lotus 1-2-3 Smartmaster Template
wtxPlain Text Document
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