Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

vssxMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil
vstMicrosoft Visio Template
vstmMicrosoft Visio 2013 macro-enabled Template
vstxMicrosoft Visio 2013 Template
vswMicrosoft Visio Workspace
vsxMicrosoft Visio Stencil XML
vthoughtVisual Thought Diagram
vtmVirtualTourist Markup Language Document
vtmlVirtualTourist Markup Language Document
vtxMicrosoft Visio Template XML
vvnVivien Drawing Document
vwVolkswriter Text Document
vw3Volkswriter 3 Text Document
vwiMicrosoft SharePoint Workflow Diagram
vwxVectorWorks 2008 Document
vxcVoxCAD Document
vxmlVoiceXML Document
vxsVX Show-n-Tell Slideshow
vydVyperHelp Help Data
vzlVizzlo Document
w50Corel WordPerfect Document
w51Corel WordPerfect Document
w60Corel WordPerfect Document
w61Corel WordPerfect Document
wb1Quattro Pro for Windows Spreadsheet
wb2Quattro Pro for Windows Spreadsheet
wb3Quattro Pro for Windows Spreadsheet
wbkMicrosoft Word Backup
wbxmlWAP Binary XML
wcdWaterCAD Document
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