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Document File Extensions

cg3Cabri 3D Document
cgrCatia V5 Drawing
ch3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
ch4Micrografx Charisma 4.0 Presentation
chaiChaimera Artwork Document
chaitChaimera Artwork Document Template
chartMacStitch Design Document
chdChordastic Chord
cheStitch & Sew Embroidery Design
chiChiWriter Document
chmCompiled HTML Help
choChord Pro Chord
choproChord Pro Chord
chordGuitar Chord File
chpBizInt Smart Charts for Patents Document
Corel Ventura Chapter
chrtKDE KChart Document
chtBizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines Document
Chemtool Document
chtmlCompact HTML Document
cidaxplorer2 Scrap Document
cidfCreative ID Document
cilMicrosoft ClipArt Gallery Download Package
cimCimPack Design Drawing
cipInPrint 2 Document
circuitKTechlab Circuit Design
citBibExcel Cited Document
ckdCADKEY Design Document
Kubotek KeyCreator Design Container
cktCADKEY Template Document
CircuitMaker Document
cl2docComic Life 2 Document
cl2lytComic Life 2 Layout
cl2tplComic Life 2 Document Template
cl3Easy CD Creator 3 Cover Layout
clarifyClarify Document
clbcdrLabel Label Document
clgxCollage Maker Collage
clkbClicker Books
clkbdClicker Board Set
clkdClicker Docs
clktClicker Template
clkwClicker Word Bank
clkxClicker Grid Set
clnscanGogh I Scan Document
cmdxClinical Map Document Based on XML
CrystalMaker X Document
cmkCardShop Plus Document
cmlPADGen Company Info
cmpChord Pro Chord
HotDocs Component File
Label Designer Plus Document
Solid Edge Wire Harness Design
cmp_xmlSolid Edge Wire Harness Design XML
cmxCorel Presentations Exchange Document
cndControlDraw Diagram
cndxAvery DesignPro for Mac Document
cnoteCollaNote Note Document
cntWindows Help Content
coCult3D Object
coaCaligari TrueSpace COA Object
cobCaligari TrueSpace Object
cocBibExcel Co-occurrence Document
codAtlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document
colHTML Help Collection
Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
comicComic Life v1.2 Document
comicdocComic Life v1.3 Document
comiclifeComic Life Document
comictplComic Life 2 Template
compFusion Composition
compressedWordCompress Compacted Web Data
conSolid Edge Wire Harness Design
contourContour Screenplay Document
covFax Cover Page
cp2Compel v2 Presentation
cpdCorel PrintOffice Drawing Document
cpdtAdobe Captivate Design Template
cpeMicrosoft Fax Cover Page File
cphCorel Print House Document
cpiSietronics XRD Scan Document
cpoCorel Print House Document
cppCA-Cricket Presents Presentation
cprCorel Presents Presentation
cptCA-Cricket Presents Template
Pocket Slides Presentation
cpxCorel ArtShow 5 Document
cpyeCopy Document
cqpCompuQuilter Pattern
crbBigOven Core Recipe Box
crdGuitar Chord File
crfCHARTrunner Chart Document
crmCHARTrunner Multi Chart Document
crtrMultiAd Creator Pro Document
crvVCarve Pro Design
crv3dVectric Aspire Document
crwCADrail Drawing
csCaditor Document
csdCHI Storage Designer Document
Compact Shared Document
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