Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

abtED-IT PC AsIs Braille Text File
abwAbiWord Document
ac3dAC3D Model
ac5ArtCut 5 Document
ac6ArtCut 6 Document
accdMicrosoft Access 2007 Database
accdbMicrosoft Access 2007 Database
accdcMicrosoft Access 2007 Signed Package
accdeMicrosoft Access 2007 Executable
accdrMicrosoft Access 2007 Run-time
accdtMicrosoft Access 2007 Database Template
accdwMicrosoft Access 2007 Database Link
accflMicrosoft Access Field Template
accftMicrosoft Access 2007 Data Type Template
adbAbility Database Document
addAlphacam Diecut Drawing
adeMicrosoft Access Project Extension
adocAsciiDoc File
adosADOS Compound Document
adoxActivDox Document
adskAutodesk Exchange File
ad_asmAlibre Design CAD Assembly Document
ad_bomAlibre Design Bills of Material Data
ad_drwAlibre Design 2D CAD Drawing
ad_prtAlibre Design CAD Part Document
aeSoftQuad Author/Editor Document
aedAlphacam Wire EDM Drawing
aehEBooksWriter E-book Document
af2Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 Document
af3Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3 Document
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