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Document File Extensions

ax3Apex Sketch v3 Document
ax4Apex Sketch v4 Document
ax5Apex Sketch v5 Document
axlsAuthentica Secure Office Protected Excel Document
axzApex Sketch v6 Document
bIRIS Editor Shortened Format File
b4udocPointer Visual ReadMe Document
bakCanvas Drawing Backup
bakxMakeMusic Finale Notation Backup
bamboopaperWacom Bamboo Paper Document
banBroderbund PrintMaster Banner
baxBluebeam PDF Revu Markup XML
bbcdBobCAD-CAM Document
bbdocBuildbox Document
bbeBrainbloom Document Exchange File
bblBibTeX Bibliographic Reference
bbsBBS Directory List
bbxtBBEdit Document
bc5Impression Document
bccCalendar Creator v7 Document
bcdBusiness Card Designer Plus Document
OfficePrinter Label Document
bcfBelltech Business Card Designer Pro Document
bcnBusiness Card Pro Design
bcoBusiness Card Designer Plus Document
bcpBusiness Card Designer Plus Document
bcsvBinary CSV Data
bdbMicrosoft Works Database Backup
bdcWest Point Bridge Designer Document
bdlPTC Creo Bundle File
beanBean Rich Text Document
bfcWindows 95 Briefcase Document
bffWorldToolKit Binary NFF Data
bfxBluebeam PDF Revu Exchange XML
bgcfBelltech Greeting Card Designer Document
bgvBonanzaGraf Financial Presentation
bibBibTeX Document
big5Chinese Text Document
bimxArchiCAD BIMx Document
biotBiotSavart Magnetic Design Data
bipKeyShot Scene
bizBroderbund PrintMaster Business Card
bjoTabRite Tablature
bjtLTspice Bipolar Design
bkAdobe FrameMaker Book Document
bk!Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk1Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk2Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk3Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk4Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk5Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk6Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk7Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk8Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bk9Corel WordPerfect Document Backup
bknCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
bksMicrosoft Works Spreadsheet Backup
bllBinary Lasergraphics Language Document
blogthisWindows Live Writer Data
blurbBookWright Document
bmfBrainMine Mind Map Document
bmlBraille2000 Braille Data
bmmFX AccuCharts Market Watch Document
bmmlBraille Music Markup Language File
bnNewsRoom Document
bnaBarna Word Processor Document
bnkExamView Question Bank
bnrBanner Mania Banner
bnsBinNews BNS Message-Id Data
boboClarisWorks Data
bocEasyWord Big Document
bookAdobe FrameMaker Book
bopBusiness Office Pro Document
bpdxAdobe Acrobat Batch PDX Data
bpfBaan ERP Document
bpmnBusiness Process Model and Notation Document
bpsMicrosoft Works Document Backup
bptIBM InfoSphere Blueprint Director Document
br2Bryce 2 Scene
br3Bryce 3 Scene
br4Bryce 4 Scene
br5Bryce 5 Scene
br6Bryce 6 Scene
br7Bryce 7 Scene
brcBryce 2 Scene
brdCadence Allegro PCB Layout
KiCad Board Layout File
brepBoundary Representation File
brfBraille Formatted File
brhBaraha Document
brlBRL-CAD Document
MicroBraille Document
brlcadBRL-CAD Document
broPrintShop Deluxe Brochure
brtPhoto Builder Template
bry2Bryce 2 Scene
bstBibTeX Document Style
bstlStereoLithography Data
bt5ERP5 Business template
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