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Document File Extensions

aeSoftQuad Author/Editor Document
aedAlphacam Wire EDM Drawing
aehEBooksWriter E-book Document
af2Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 Document
af3Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3 Document
afdAlphacam Flame Drawing
afdesignAffinity Design Document
affAnyForm Form Document
BART Animated File Format
afpubAffinity Publisher Document
aftAnyForm Template
aftemplateAffinity Design Template
agd1Adobe FreeHand for Mac Drawing
agnPsion Series 3 Agenda Document
agpAspen Graphics Workspace
agzAggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram
ahfApplet Headline Factory Document
ahtAH Note Text Document
aibArcInfo Binary Coverage
aigAbracadata Drawing
aitAdobe Illustrator Template
ajdAlphacam Water Jet Drawing
akTracerCAD File
al3dAlicona Imaging AL3D File
alaAlan IF Document
aldAlphacam Laser Drawing
ald5Adobe PageMaker 5 for Mac Document
allLotus 1-2-3 Worksheet Formatting Data
amdAlphacam 2D/3D Mill Drawing
amhAudioMulch Document
amtArtista Embroidery Template
amt50Bernina Embroidery Software v5.0 Template
amt60Bernina Embroidery Software v6.0 Template
an8Anim8or Document
anbi2 Analyst's Notebook Data
androidAndroid Related Readme
anhAdobe Project ROME File
ansANSI Art Text
antmplAdobe Edge Animate Template
aoActionOutline Outline
apaAlfaPad Notes Organizer Document
apcdocAshampoo Photo Commander Document
apdAlphacam Punch Drawing
Arcplan Enterprise Document
apibAPI Blueprint Document
apmAdobe Persuasion Metafile
apoAbacre Paperless Office Portable Document
apptAuthentica Secure Office Protected PowerPoint Document
aprLotus Approach 97 Document
aptLotus Approach Data View
apxliWork Keynote XML Presentation
ardAlphacam Router Drawing
Esko ArtiosCAD Document
arkOpenBook Document
arrRemedy ARS Report
artArtCAM Model File
Artista v4 Embroidery Data
art3Art Text Drawing
art6Articulate Presenter Online Document
articleTwixl Publisher Article
arxArtista Cross Stitch Embroidery Data
as5CivilCAD v5 ASCII Document
ascASCII Armored GPG/PGP File
Plain Text Document
asciiPlain Text Document
asdAlphacam Stone Drawing
Astound Media Data
Astound Presentation
Microsoft Word AutoRecovery File
aseAseprite Sprite Data
Autodesk 3D Studio ASCII Scene Export
asepriteAseprite Sprite Data
asmSolid Edge Assemblies Document
aspASAP WebShow Presentation
Astound Presentation
assbinAllegorithmic Substance Painter Scene
astAbility Spreadsheet Template
Astound Media Data
ClarisWorks Assistant
astxAdobe Story Exported Script
asyAsymptote Document
at2Aldus Persuasion v2 Template
at65Adobe PageMaker for Mac 6.5 Template
atdAlphacam Lathe Drawing
atlIR Prognosis Atlas Document
atomAtom Syndication Format File
atwAnyTime Organizer Deluxe Document
avFinal Draft AV v1 Document
averyAvery Design and Print Online Label
awApplixware Words Document
awdAbility Draw Document
Microsoft Fax Image
awgAbility Draw Vector Graphic
awpAbility Write Template
awsAbility Spreadsheet Document
awssMicrosoft Works for Mac Spreadsheet
awtAbiWord Template
awwAbility Write Document
awwpMicrosoft Works for Mac Document
ax2Apex Sketch v2 Document
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