Filename Extensions
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Document File Extensions

fw3Framework III File
fwdnfWriter Document
fwkColton Fireworkz Document
fwrtFullWrite Document
fwtbFreeway Template Bundle
fwtemplateFreeway Template
fwtemplatebFreeway Template Bundle
fxCorel WordPerfect Office Template
fx2Corel WordPerfect Office Template
fxdFX Draw Document
fxdWinFax Document
fxgFX Graph Document
fxiWinFax Document
fxmWinFax Document
fxoWinFax Document
fxpFontExpert Document
fxrWinFax Document
fxsWinFax Document
fxyFortron Embroidery Format Document
fzsFuzzySheet Document
gBRL-CAD Geometry Document
gabwAbiWord Gzip Compressed Document
gb0Gerber Format Document
gb1Gerber Format Document
gbfGeneral Bible Format File
gbrGerber Format Document
gbxmlgbXML Document
gcdGeneral Content Descriptor
gcxMacintosh Grapher Document
gdbSmartWare Business Graph Definition File
gdcIconics GraphWorx32 Display for WinCE
gdcSmartWare Composite Graph Definition File
gddocInSync Google Drive Document
gddrawInSync Google Drive Draw Document
gdeSmartWare Elevation Graph Definition File
gdeThe Guide Document
gdfIconics GraphWorx32 Display
gdformInSync Google Drive Form Document
gdhSmartWare High-Low Graph Definition File
gdlArchiCAD Geometric Description Language File
gdnSmartWare Graph Definition File
gdnoteInSync Google Drive Note Document
gdocGoogle Drive Document
gdocxGoogle Drive DOCX Document
gdrawGoogle Drive Drawing
gdsGDSII Document
gdsSmartWare Scientific Graph Definition File
gds2GDSII Document
gdsheetInSync Google Drive Sheet Document
gdsiiGDSII Stream Data
gdslidesInSync Google Drive Slides Document
gdtSmartWare Text Graph Definition File
gedGEDCOM Document
gedcomGEDCOM Document
gemCorel Ventura Publisher Document
genGenerations Embroidery Software Design
genGenStat Command File
geoCarbon Graphics Geo Data File
gerberGerber Format Document
gevGelEval for Mac Document
gevlGelEval for Mac Document
gfcPatton & Patton Flow Charting 4 Document
gfdGeForms Form Document
gfdGNUe Form Definitions
gformGoogle Drive Form
gftGeForms Form Template
ggbGeoGebra Document
ggeGreen Globs and Graphing Equations Saved Equation
gggGreen Globs and Graphing Equations Document
ggtGeoGebra Tool
ggxGreen Globs and Graphing Equations GGG Records List
ghGrasshopper 3D Document
ghxGrasshopper 3D XML Document
gibGraph-in-the-Box Chart
gidWindows Global Index File
giwGraph-in-the-Box for Windows Presentation
gjamGoogle Jamboard Document
glfGrantleigh Labels Label Document
glkGenStat ODBC Export Link
glyMicrosoft Word Glossary Data
gmlGeography Markup Language Document
gmpGEM Desktop Publisher Document
gneFlickr Web Page
gnhGravoStyle Design Document
gnmGnumeric Spreadsheet
gnuGnuplot Input File
gnumericGnumeric Spreadsheet
gofinDruki Gofin Form Document
gomgOpenMol Model
goodnotesGoodNotes Document
gpGuitar Pro 7 Tabulature
gp3Guitar Pro Tabulature
gp4Guitar Pro Tabulature
gp5Guitar Pro Tabulature
gp6Guitar Pro 6 Tabulature
gplGnuplot Input File
gpltGnuplot Input File
gppSerif Graphics Plus Document
gpxGuitar Pro 6 Tabulature
gqEpson Page Description Language Document
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