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Document File Extensions

!wsWordStar 2000 Temporary File
1Unix Manual Page
123Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
123cAutodesk 123C Drawing
123dAutodesk 123D Drawing
123dxAutodesk 123D Design Model
12mLotus 1-2-3 Smartmaster Template
1spMicrosoft OneNote 2010 Mobile Document
1stReadme Document
2Unix Manual Page
2cdDoubleCAD Document
2dCadwork 2D Drawing
VersaCAD 2D Drawing
2dcCadwork 2D Drawing
2dlArchiCAD 2D Lines Data
3Unix Manual Page
3dCAD-3D Model
Cadwork 3D Drawing
3d2CAD-3D Model
3daArtCAM Pro 3D Assembly Data
3db3DMark Report Database
3dcCadwork 3D Drawing
3ddCadmatic 3DD Model
3dfInformative Graphics 3D Format Document
3dg3D Grapher Document
3diCadence Allegro 3D Model
3dlLightConverse 3D Scene
3dmOpenNURBS 3D Model
QuickDraw 3D Metafile
3dmfQuickDraw 3D Metafile
3dmlFlatland 3DML Document
3dsAutodesk 3D Studio Scene
3dt3D Topicscape Document
3dxRhino 3D Model
3dxml3D XML Document
3mf3D Manufacturing Format Document
3mlSimStudio 3D Model
3pi3rd PlanIt Data
3tfCrystal Reports Chart Template
3wXYZware 3D Document
3wnXYZware Nobel 3D Model
3wsXYZware Nobel 3D Model
4Unix Manual Page
4dse4D Database for Mac Quick Report Document
4dv4DIM Interactive Animation
4w64D Write Document
4w74D Write Document
4wp4D Write Pro Document
4wt4D Write Template
5Unix Manual Page
6Unix Manual Page
602Text602 Document
7Unix Manual Page
8Unix Manual Page
9Unix Manual Page
a2lASAP2 ECU Description
a3dAmapi Designer 3D Model
a4d4DIM Model Animation
aadAtlantis Word Processor Document Backup
aafAdvanced Authoring Format File
abcBusiness Card Maker Document
Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6 Document
abdWorksheet Crafter Document
abkAbility Write Document Backup
absAbs Spreadsheet
abtBraille2000 Annotated Braille Text
ED-IT PC AsIs Braille Text File
abwAbiWord Document
acAC3D Model
ac3dAC3D Model
ac5ArtCut 5 Document
ac6ArtCut 6 Document
accdMicrosoft Access 2007 Database
accdbMicrosoft Access 2007 Database
accdcMicrosoft Access 2007 Signed Package
accdeMicrosoft Access 2007 Executable
accdrMicrosoft Access 2007 Run-time
accdtMicrosoft Access 2007 Database Template
accdwMicrosoft Access 2007 Database Link
accflMicrosoft Access Field Template
accftMicrosoft Access 2007 Data Type Template
acpMacromedia Action! Document
actMacromedia Action! Template
ad65Adobe PageMaker 6.5 for Mac Document
adbAbility Database Document
addAlphacam Diecut Drawing
adeMicrosoft Access Project Extension
adfActive-HDL Design Document
ARIS Express Document
I-DEAS Associated Data
adocAsciiDoc File
Authentica Secure Office Protected Word Document
adosADOS Compound Document
adoxActivDox Document
adskAutodesk Exchange File
ad_asmAlibre Design CAD Assembly Document
ad_bomAlibre Design Bills of Material Data
ad_drwAlibre Design 3D CAD Drawing
ad_prtAlibre Design CAD Part Document
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