Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

pgdPGP Virtual Disk Image
pqbPowerQuest BootMagic MBR Backup
pqiPowerQuest Drive Image
pv8Pixel Vision 8 Disk Image
pvfsPVFS Image
pvhdParagon HDM Virtual Hard Drive Image
pxiPlexTools Disc Image
qcowQEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
qcow2QEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
qedQEMU Disk Image
ratdvdRatDVD Compressed Disk Image
rawtHD Workbench Truncated RAW Disk Data
rdfCyberlink PowerProducer Disk Image
rdiRohos Disk Image
refsResilient File System Image
rqiR-Quest TrueNet Disc Image
rrISO Disk Image with Rock Ridge Extension
rvdVPHybridCAD Drawing
rwmWindows Imaging Resource-only File
s01ASR Smart Disk Image
s02ASR Smart Disk Image
s03ASR Smart Disk Image
s04ASR Smart Disk Image
s05ASR Smart Disk Image
s06ASR Smart Disk Image
sacdSACD Image
sclTR-DOS Floppy Disk Image
sdeSteganos Safe Disk Encryption Data
sdfsSDFS Image
sdiSystem Deployment Image
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