Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

imdImageDisk Disk Image
imgCloneCD Image
imgQEMU Qcow Disk Image
imgpartMac OS X NDIF Image Part
imzWinImage ZIP Compressed Disk Image
ipfInterchangeable Preservation File
isoISO 9660 Cd-Rom Disk Image
isodCloneDVD ISO Image
iszUltraISO Compressed Image
iszZIP Compressed ISO Image
iv2iNorton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
ixaUlead DVD Workshop Disk Image
ixbUlead DVD MovieFactory Disc Image
jffs2Journalling Flash File System 2 Disk Image
jfsJFS Filesystem Image
jsoJISO Compressed PSP ISO Image
kvdKACE Virtual Disk
lcdCDSpace Disk Image
lk12LIKO-12 Disk Image
loxiLiquidCD Open XML Image
lviLazesoft Recovery Suite Disk Image
mbiMagicISO Multi-Boot Image
mbrSaved Master Boot Record
md0Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md1Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md1Gear CD-ROM Mode 1 Image
md2Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md3Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md4Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md5Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
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