Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

mirMini Image Ripper Image
momlModeling Markup Language Document
msaAtari ST MSA Floppy Disk Image
msxMSX Disk Image
murAtari ST Disk Image
mzpWinArchiver Mountable ZIP Archive
ndifMac OS X New Disk Image Format Image
ndzEmulab Frisbee Disk Image
nnNero CD File List
norNOR File System Image
nrgNero CD Image
ntfsNTFS Partition Image
omgGFI Backup Hard Disk Image
opdOpus Discovery Disk Image
opuOpus Discovery Disk Image
owfsOWFS Image
p2iCyberlink Power2Go Image
partimgPartimage Data
pbfParagon Backup Image
pchdPC Backup Utilities Disk Image
pdiInstant CD/DVD Image
pfmParagon Backup Image Descriptor
pfoEncrypted Private Folder
pgdPGP Virtual Disk Image
pqiPowerQuest Drive Image
pvfsPVFS Image
pvhdParagon HDM Virtual Hard Drive Image
qcowQEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
qcow2QEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
qedQEMU Disk Image
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