Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

simgSynclavier Disk Image
sleSteganos Security Suite Virtual Drive
soptSynclavierX Optical Disk Image
sparsebundleMac OS X Sparse Bundle
sparseimageMac OS X Sparse Image
sqfsSquash FS Bootable
squashfsSquashFS Image
stAtari ST Standard Floppy Disk Image
subCloneCD Sub Channel Data
swmSplitted Windows Imaging File
t64Commodore 64 Tape Image
taoTrack-at-Once CD/DVD Image
tbiTeraByte Unlimited Image
tcTrueCrypt Volume
tczTiny Core Linux TCZ Image
td0Teledisk Floppy Image
tibAcronis True Image Backup
toastRoxio Toast Disk Image
trdTR-DOS Floppy Disk Image
trdTR-DOS Disk Image
ubiUBI Filesystem Image
ubifsUBI Filesystem Image
udiTR-DOS Floppy Disk Image
ufsFreeBSD Unix File System
uibakUltraISO Backup Image
uifMagicISO Disk Image
v2iNorton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
vaporcdVaporCD Image
vc4Virtual CD Image
vc5Virtual CD Image
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