Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

egoRollBack Rx Snapshot Data
euiEnsoniq EPS Compressed Disk Image
ex01EnCase v7 Image
exfatexFAT Filesystem Image
ext2EXT2 Filesystem Image
ext3EXT3 Filesystem Image
ext4EXT4 Filesystem Image
ezbEasyBoot Disk Image
fcdVirtual CD Image
fddGeneral Floppy Disk Image
fdiTR-DOS Floppy Disk Image
ffuWindows Full Flash Update Image
flgIsoPuzzle Flag File
flpGeneral Floppy Disk Image
fvdFast Virtual Disk
g41Commodore 1541 Disk Image
gbigBurner Image
gdriveGizmo Drive Virtual Drive
ghoNorton Ghost Image
ghsNorton Ghost Spanned Image
giRoxio Recordnow! CD Image
gkhEnsoniq GKH Disk Image
grdStrongDisk Protected Disk Image
hdGeneral Hard Disk Image
hddGeneral Hard Disk Image
hdfWinUAE HDD Image
hdsParallels Desktop Hard Disk Image
hdzWinUAE Compressed HDD Image
hfsHFS Disk Image File
hfvHFS Disk Image
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