Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

d64Commodore 64 Disk Image
d67VICE Floppy Image
d71Commodore 1571 Floppy Disk Image
d80Commodore CBM-8050 Disk Image
d81Commodore VC-1581 Disk Image
d82Commodore CBM-8250 Disk Image
d88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk Image
daaDirect Access Archive
daoDisk at Once CD/DVD Image
daxDAX Compressed PSP ISO Image
dc42Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
dcfDisk Copy Fast Image
dcoSafetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive
ddflSymantec DiskDoubler Image
ddiDiskdupe Disk Image
discRoxio Toast Disc Image
diskLinux Virtual Hard Disk
dmgMac OS X Disk Image
dmgpartMac OS X Disk Image Part
dmkTRS-80 Floppy Disk Image
dmsAmiga Diskmasher Disk Image
drhParallels Desktop Hard Disk Info
dskGeneral Disk Image
dv1Gear DVD Video Image
dvdCloneCD DVD Image Information
dvdmediaRipIt DVD Package
dvdrDVD/CD-R Master Image
dxpCDBurnerXP Data Disc Compilation
e01EnCase Image
ecmECM Prepared Disk Image
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