Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

b10BlindWrite CD Image Segment
b5iBlindWrite CD Image
b5tBlindWrite Control File
b61BlindWrite CD Image Segment
b6iBlindWrite CD Image
b6tBlindWrite Control File
bdkOS/2 Floppy Disk Image
binCDRWIN Binary Data File
bwaBlindWrite Physical Media Descriptor
bwiBlindWrite CD Image
bwsBlindWrite Sub Channel Data
bwtBlindWrite Control File
bwzWinImage Batch Configuration
c2dWinOnCD Disc Image
ccdCloneCD Image Information
cdiDiscJuggler CD Image
cdiGear CD-ROM CD-i Image
cdmNTI CD/DVD-Maker Image
cdzpSX Emulator Compressed CD Image
chdMAME Compressed Hard Disk Image
cifRoxio Easy CD Creator Image
cisoWii Compressed ISO Image
cisoPT ISO Tool Compressed Image
csoCSO Compressed PSP ISO Image
cueCDRWIN Cue Sheet File
d64Commodore 64 Disk Image
d88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk Image
daaDirect Access Archive
daoDisk at Once CD/DVD Image
daxDAX Compressed PSP ISO Image
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