Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

wilWinImage List
wimWindows Imaging File
wincloneWinclone Image
wlzWinImage ZIP Compressed Disk Set
wmtWinMount Image
wrapShrinkWrap Image
wudWii U Disc Image
wuxWii U Compressed Disc Image
x64Commodore 64 Disk Image
xaGear CD-ROM XA Image
xbxC-Xbox DVD Image
xdiWinArchiver Extended Disc Image
xfsXFS Filesystem Image
xisoXbox ISO Image
xmdGameJack Disk Image Descriptor
xmfGameJack Disk Image Data
xvaXenServer Virtual Appliance
xvcXbox One Virtual Disk
xvdXbox One Viirtual Disk
xviXbox One Viirtual Disk Info
yaffsYAFFS File System Image
zfsZFS Filesystem Image
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