Filename Extensions
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Disk Image File Extensions

udifApple Mac OS X Universal Disk Image
ufsFreeBSD Unix File System Image
uibakUltraISO Backup Image
uifMagicISO Disk Image
v2iNorton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
vaporcdVaporCD Image
vc10Virtual CD v10 Image
vc4Virtual CD Image
vc5Virtual CD Image
vc6Virtual CD Image
vc8Virtual CD Image
vc9Virtual CD Image
vcdVirtual CD Image
vcfVPHybridCAD Old Drawing
vciVPHybridCAD Old Drawing
vddPhantom Burner Virtual Disk Image
vdiVirtualBox Virtual Disk Image
veracryptVeraCrypt Encyrpted Volume
vfdVirtual Floppy Disk Image
vhdVirtual Hard Disk Image
vhdxWindows Server Virtual Hard Drive
vmaProxmox Virtual Machine Archive
vmdfMyWinLocker Encrypted Virtual Drive
vmdkVMware Virtual Disk File
vmwarevmVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
volarchiveCopyCatX Volume Archive
wbfsWii Backup File System
wbiWii Backup Manager ISO
wdfWinDupe Disk Image
wiiScrambled Wii Disc Image
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